Production Process

My production methods have evolved from capturing images on low-speed slide film, drum scanning, and outsourced printing to digital capture and in-house printing on the most advanced 24-inch printer to date. All paper is photographic and inks are Epson Ultrachrome K3. The final print has the most lifelike color, tonality, depth, and archival stability available. Images are taken using Nikon cameras and lenses. Mounting and matting are archival and each print is hand framed from scratch using maple, cherry, yellow birch, walnut, and occasionally white oak. The finish is a hand-rubbed urethane and wax.

I admire Christopher’s uncompromising approach to his vision. His beautiful frames and photographic prints reflect an attention to detail that is rare.
~ Phil Legare, Tivoli, New York
owl in tree
Northern Cardinal