My Magic

I am a lifelong teacher and value telling worthwhile stories – with a deck of cards. Throughout my repertoire I recount many journeys that have shaped my life. Sharing excitement and surprise without tangible explanation is my goal of every performance, whether to a full theater or a group of five. As a professional sleight-of-hand entertainer, I am in a unique position to invigorate and even formulate dreams by designing an elegant atmosphere that is creative, stimulating and baffling. I am not one to use the gimmickry of thumb tips, trick decks, and balloon animals typically associated with magicians, nor do I assume superhuman poses. Like some of the greatest magicians of the past, I use traditional sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and balderdash, to go beyond the senses of the moment and forge extended memories.

As a student and fan of Christopher’s magic, his performances are not to be missed! His skill and professionalism are astounding. I have never met anyone like him. He compares to no one, anywhere.
~ Don Majercik, MD, Essex Junction, Vermont
Availability and Bo oking: 879-5726