My Photography

Academic degrees in zoology (BS) and botany (MS) allow me to know what I capture through the lens. My firm belief is that knowledge can have an emotional response of beauty. This knowledge is my inspiration and guides me to capture moments of natural beauty without alteration. As a photographer, I do not want to transport you to another place – at least not at first. I want you to come directly to the image and be at that image at that moment. The image’s color, texture, light, and composition need to speak first and then perhaps you may go to the image location and fill in associations. As a framer and woodworker, I strive to highlight the beauty of domestic northern hardwoods and simple joinery. Each framed print represents a one-of-a-kind.

I admire Christopher’s uncompromising approach to his vision. His beautiful frames and photographic prints reflect an attention to detail that is rare.
~ Phil Legare, Tivoli, New York
momma and baby elephant
dark earthy dirt closeup