MaplePlease read before ordering!  We, as all of Vermont, had a very low yield season and are currently mailing only rich amber and dark robust syrup in all sizes.  We made 900 gallons of syrup this year  as opposed to 1200 gallons in 2020.  Overall, Vermont is down between 40% and 60%.   We pack everything now in beautiful metal tins.  The tins have a smaller carbon footprint in the way that they are made and in their recyclability, and they preserve the fresh flavor of our syrup better than plastic.  Even though the cost is a bit higher for us, we have not changed our prices but see thtat coming in the future as lower yields and higher production costs over the years necesistate the change.  Our last increase was in 2012.  Gallons are sent in single containers rather than two halves.  Email or call if you have any questions, I woud love to talk with you.  Thanks for the support.