Christopher McBride

His work is fabulous, we always support him.
— Dave Simendinger, CEO Champlain Farms, So. Burlington, Vermont

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Magic:  The continuing education class, "Sleight-of-Hand and Misdirection", that I taught was really fun.  Great students and great learning.  I...


Maple: We have been grading our syrup using the new grading standards that have gone into effect this year in Vermont.  There are four...


PhotographyGet in touch about any photo that you woud like in a beautiful frame.  Generally I need a couple of weeks to get something to you so...


Welcome to Please explore all three of my businesses to get a complete idea of what I do. At first glance, these endeavors may seem unrelated but they are in fact quite complimentary -- all perfectly blend science and art. To be sure, this strategy involves the cross-training format. Attention to detail in card magic enhances my photography, which motivates me to run another marathon, which inspires me to produce better maple. When in northern Vermont, please visit my farm and studio to see some magic, have a cup of tea, and take a tour.